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You’re on tour and you would like to practice for a few hours? Your Band has an „Off-Day“ and you would like to use it to rehearse? You would like to prepare your tour or lock yourself up to write songs and then drop into bed afterwards? You simply don’t want to stay in a classic hotel room?

The choice is yours! We rent rehearsal spaces in Hamburg-Barmbek for day/hour use and permanent. In addition or separate we offer overnight accommodations for musicians and practically everybody in our guesthouse.

The next underground station „S/U Barmbek“ is a 3-minute-walk away. Therefore the central station, the airport, the city and trendy quarters (e.g. Schanzenviertel or St. Pauli with the legendary „Reeperbahn“) are quick and easy to reach.

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We have 2 single and 5 double bedrooms. Two of them are handicapped accessible. As an affordable alternative we offer bands to use a room up to 4 persons.

All of the rooms are tastefully furnished with an attention to detail based on the special needs of our fellow musicians and our own tour-experiences. Of course all non-musicians are welcome too!

We consciously avoid the classic hotel room flair while offering a similar standard. We want you to feel a little more at home.

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Music Rooms

We have 8 different rehearsal rooms of high quality. Six of them are leased permanently.

Two of them will be fully equipped with instruments and a high-end PA. They can be rented per day or per hour. Due to professional soundproofing they can be used 24/7.

The rooms on the ground floor (19-30 qm) have full length windows, and enormously high ceilings. The biggest room – 50 qm, half underground – has 4 skylights and is perfect for larger ensembles, seminars and courses.

The rooms in the basement (17-20 qm) are suitable for small project studios, smaller ensembles or single use.

Appartments & Rehearsal Space

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